Custom Packaging Solutions is a Miami-based packaging distributor that focuses mainly on the personal care segment. Our commitment to customers is to add value by delivering quality products only and provide remarkable responsiveness in all aspects of the business.

As a former supply chain manager of a personal care manufacturer, I experienced first hand the challenges involved in packaging sourcing. Custom Packaging Solutions was born to address these problems in a promptly, innovative, service-driven and cost-effective way.

We developed partnerships with global manufacturing leaders and strategic logistic companies in order to build a platform that allows CPS to create customer-tailored solutions based, typically, on the following issues.

High pricing or price increases?
We understand that COGS is a major factor that determines a robust or weak cash flow.
So whether you think you are over paying for an item or receiving, yet, another price increase or just want to further grow your profits, CPS has the structure and strategies to keep you or make you competitive.

Excessively long lead-times?
What if your current packaging has great quality and fair cost but takes several months to receive?
Many times it is an overlooked issue which causes excess buying to leave a lack of warehouse space and poor cash flow or if buying conservatively it causes inability to fulfill customer orders.
CPS is here to accommodate lead-times to customer needs not ours, therefore improving your supply chain and overall company growth.

Poor or NO service at all?
Customer is king for CPS and effective communication is how we back it up. We commit to caring each customer with a “DO IT NOW” attitude always.
Let go of those delayed quotes, no order confirmations, slow new project development, inflexible deliveries, careless attention and put CPS attitude to work on your needs right away. After all, who is willing to wait?

Lack of new packaging?
CPS partners with world class manufacturers who operate in-house CNC Mold Workshops.
The standard and custom molds list is extensive and diverse. In addition they are constantly developing new tooling in order to mold innovative packaging.
This enables CPS to not only have a solution for almost every need but also to proactively bring different ideas that can result in better concepts.

High Minimum Order Quantities(MOQ’s)?
Vendors require high MOQ’s whenever customers need special, color specific or decorated packaging.
At CPS we know that flexibility for these type of products is crucial since many times these are requirements from new customers or new product lines who have limited budgets and want to be strategic on how to enter the already competitive market.
Our typical MOQ’s range from 5,000 to 10,000 units contingent on mold, size, color or type of decoration.

Bad quality?
Perhaps you are experiencing recurring performance issues with your packaging which might increase your credits to your customers and jeopardize your business altogether.
Or maybe you are just unhappy about how your finished product looks and you want a significant improvement.
Our Suppliers are committed to manufacturing products with the best quality standards and, most of them, operate advanced in-house decorating departments so that our customers can get a finished package ready to fill that looks professional and provides consistent performance.

Let’s get together to show you how CPS can add value and solve these existing problems or improve your current supply in order to ensure the short and long term success of your company.

All the best,

John Rodriguez, President & Founder
Custom Packaging Solutions

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